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The Money-Maker

This is the story of John. We all know a ‘John’. We might have even envied him. ‘John’ is that person who seems to have the Midas touch – everything touched turns to gold. We wonder why ‘John’ is a money magnet, and does not seem to need to work as hard as we do, to earn the money he enjoys. Sometimes, we might even believe that ‘John’ has very good karma, and that this easy flow of money is the reward.

Let us turn our attention to the John of this story. John knew how to make money ever since he was little. Other kids would exchange one toy for the other, or one candy for another, but John would accept nothing but money. Whether he helped another carry something, or do some homework, or walk the dog, John would say, “It shall cost you some pennies.” John couldn’t be described as greedy, though, because he never asked for an amount that would be beyond the weekly pocket money that the other child received. In fact, his demands were so reasonable that no child felt annoyed or cheated.

By the time he had left high school, John had amassed quite a tidy sum for himself. He continued to earn in this way all through college, and even did day jobs that paid him even more. By the time John was 30, he had a small fortune, and by the time he was 40, he had more money than he could ever spend.

At 40, John was still unmarried, and had not been in a romantic relationship for many years. His relationships were work-related, his dinner meetings were with business connections, and his travel consisted of those trips that were designed to earn him money. For his 40th birthday, John was coaxed and pushed by his one and only friend in the world to take a trip that would involve no work. Tongue in cheek, his friend said, ‘That is what we poor folk call a holiday, John.’ Not too happily, John agreed.

Little did John know that the Universe was giving him an opportunity to transform himself, and his life. At the very expensive ski resort, John was surrounded by lovers, and families, and groups of friends. Everyone enjoying each other’s company. Love, laughter, and togetherness was all around him. Often he was invited to join one group or another, but each time he refused, telling himself, ‘How dare they feel sorry for me? They can go to hell.’ John was proficient on the slopes, but skiing all by himself brought him little joy. The serene beauty of the mountains was ignored, as John spent several hours sitting alone in the bar, or in the library reading business journals. All he wanted to do was get away from the families, and lovers, and friends. They reminded him very harshly that in spite of all his wealth, he had no one to share it with, and that he had had no time to enjoy the immense wealth that he possessed. Slowly, his heart turned against his money, and before he had left the resort, he had convinced himself that his money was a curse, and that his life was a cursed one. When he returned home, his friend took one look at his enraged face, and the dark brow, and thought it better to ask him nothing about the holiday.

Before this fateful holiday, John had always enjoyed being at work, and striking successful deals, but now he attacked his work with resentment, and the business deals had turned into a bitter war against associates who were now the enemy. He began to hate the money that he continued to make, blaming it for cursing his life. No one had the courage to point out to him that it was he who was the creator of this money. And the sorrow that it brought to him.

One morning at the age of 64, John woke up with a searing pain running through him. He knew he was having a heart attack, but was unable to move to reach his phone. He was scared. He was alone. He was angry. His last thought was, 'Life has cheated me'.

John’s guides and angels welcomed him on the other side. His parents were there too, but John was too angry to see them. But, he did see Royce, his beloved retriever, who had died long years ago, at the ripe old age of 17. For the first time in over four decades, John felt loved again. The angels allowed Royce to lead John into the Chamber of Rest, and to stay by his side, as John was made to sleep, so that his broken heart and angry spirit could begin to heal.

When John finally ‘awoke’, the angels gently embraced him, and accompanied him to the Chamber of Records, where John would study the Akashic Records, and ‘remember’. In this chamber, all the Veils of Forgetfulness would finally be lifted off him. There was a deep, celestial silence as John began to read - and remember, and acknowledge. In multiple embodiments, John had learnt about money, and wealth creation. This knowledge, which was his past life residue, he had used in an accomplished manner in this life, too. But, he had not opened the door to his soul purpose for that lifetime at all. He saw now the many opportunities that he had been given to open that door, and he recollected the holiday at the ski resort. He understood that money is not cursed, but that he had placed it above love and relationships, and was, thus, responsible for making his life empty and meaningless. He clearly saw the ways in which money could have enriched the lives of those around him, bringing, both, material and emotional fulfillment, to him and so many others.

The heaviness of deep regret and sadness came over John, and Royce moved even closer to him, to remind him that he was loved. And that he did know how to love another in return. John realised that the soul purpose he had chosen for himself - to experience the wealth of relationships and human heart connections - had been fulfilled only through his love for Royce, but that money had stood in the way of all other relationships. His eyes brimming with deep sorrow, he looked up at the angels and guides. Instantly, he felt their touch of unconditional love, and heard an unspoken voice tell him, ‘We love you. It is not too late. Nothing has been lost. You shall learn, but for now, beloved, let us teach you to love yourself.’

As John walked out of the Chamber, the ever loyal Royce by his side, he saw his parents, grandparents, and some friends from his childhood whom he had been close to. His heart lifted into a smile, as he stepped forward into their Circle of Love. He looked at the angels, and said, ‘I vow to make others rich … using the abundance of my love, and the wisdom of wealth.’

(Inspired by a parable of Kryon)

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