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And Angels Dwell Here

She was an angel, and she and her two angelic friends were bonded in every way. One day all the angels were summoned to a very important meeting. When Angela and her friends reached the Hall of Splendour, they saw that all the angels and guides and masters of the White Brotherhood were assembled there as well. They were thrilled. This must be an extremely important meeting, and even though they were not even Archangels, they had been made part of this august assemblage. They were agog with excitement.

Suddenly the fluttering and whispering began to die down as the Golden Globe was seen descending, carrying within it the Masters of the Highest Realms. The Light and Love of these Masters filled the room, and all experienced an instant expansiveness, as their voices, in unison, addressed them. “We are the bearers of some wondrous news. There is a brand new planet coming into existence. A very unique planet. Different from all the rest.” Oh dear reader, I wish you could have been there, for you would have experienced that strong surge of excitement that uplifted all in that hall.

‘Unique? Different? How? In what way?’ The whispers were loud, but the Masters continued. “This is going to be a planet of Free Will.” Angela and her friends were baffled. “Free Will? What is that? Why have we not heard of this before?" The mighty archangels standing close by, gently tapped them with their wings to quieten them.

The Masters were now explaining Free Will, and the process of embodiment that was so necessary for the exercise of this Free Will. These were such new and confusing ideas, but, all of this was heard in respectful silence, till the Masters said, “And those who wish to enrol for the process of embodiment shall, on embodiment, be left alone.” All gasped. “Left alone?”

“Yes, left alone.”

“But why?”

“Because this is the only way to speed up the vibrations of this new and unique planet.”

“Left alone? No help from this realm?”

“No obvious help from this realm. To recognize the help that you shall constantly receive, you shall have to believe that you do receive this help.” With this conundrum, the earlier excitement clearly began to lessen.

“What is this planet going to be called?”

“This planet shall be given a very sacred name. It shall be called Earth.”

The Masters now spoke even more loudly. “Who amongst you wishes to live on this sacred planet? We shall open registration in a week. Come in large numbers.” With this the Golden Globe began to rise, and each Angel, Guide and Master left the Hall of Splendour in deep thought. Embodiment - Free-will - left alone - no obvious help - change the vibrations all by yourself …. Was all of this even possible? But if the High Masters had spoken, it must be so.

When registrations opened a week later, plucky little Angela was there, with many others, "I shall go to Earth.”

As soon as this decision was made, they were taken into the Cave of Creation in order to set out a course for their lives. They were explained, “In order to take physical birth, you have to carry a burden.”

“We have to carry burdens too? What is this burden?”

“You create your own burdens. Each one creates them out of the substance of Forgetfulness. Forgetting the Light that you are. Forgetting this realm.”

Angela began quivering, and asked in a tiny voice, “What do we have to do with these burdens?”

“That is simple, little one. You have to make them lighter.”

“This planet is strange indeed. We carry heavy burdens in order to make them lighter.”

Angela was never one to go back on her word, and she sat with her friends who were going to help her out. Her two best buddies had said, “We are not coming there. But we want to be with you, as we have never been apart. We will be your Earth Angels so that we can be with you all the time.”

A higher angel heard this, and said, “Oh yes, you shall be there all the time, but she won’t know it.” Angela looked at the Higher Angel, and out of respect did not speak aloud what she was thinking, “You don’t know my deep friendship with them. Of course I will know them.”

Angela was born. And Angela lived the way she had planned to, in the Cave of Creation. Abusive father. Very loving but very timid mother. Few friends.

Angela had forgotten everything. She had forgotten the Hall of Splendour, the Golden Globe, the Masters, the Archangels. She had forgotten her dear, dear friends. Angela was lonely, and sad.

And then, just as she had planned, on her 13th birthday, her mother died, leaving Angela alone with the monster of a father. In despair, Angela ran out of the house, into the forest, and fell onto a stump of a tree, and cried. Cried as she had never cried before. Her burden seemed just too heavy to carry. She didn’t feel her hands being held by her friends. She did not feel their warm and loving embrace. She didn’t realize that more tears than just her own were flowing.

As Angela grew older, her burdens seemed to grow as well. She felt abandoned by all in her life. She often felt abandoned by life itself. But, dear reader, do not forget that Angela is an angel. And angels never give up. As her life became tougher, Angela said, “There has to be something more to this. I must find the answer.”

The more she looked for the answers, the quicker did they come, and soon Angela’s heart felt empty of the grief and loneliness. Forgiveness and understanding liberated her, and made her burdens ever so light. At the age of 83, Angela died a happy woman. In that moment of death, she remembered who she really was. She remembered everything, and she was joyous to meet her two dearest friends, who were honoured to guide Angela into the Hall of Honour.

Angela didn’t know what was about to take place, and she looked in awe at the Masters and Angels sitting high above her. As Angela walked towards them, the High Master climbed down from his throne, reached down to Angela, enfolded her in the strongest love she had ever experienced, and placed upon her shoulders, the most radiant of all the colours of the universe. For evermore Angela’s energies would be recognised by those colours.

When the Honour ceremony was done, Angela’s friends crowded around her, and spoke over each other, “Do you remember when your father beat you that I was holding your hand? Did you feel my hand on yours?” "Do you remember that when you cried at your mother’s death, I cried along with you? Did you feel my tears mingling with yours?” “Do you remember when you were thrown out into the street by your husband that I lifted you up and held you warm? Did you feel my love then?” And on and on and on.

To each of them Angela replied “Yes, now I remember, you held my hand, you embraced me, you never left me alone.”

Several hours later, when all the others had left, Angela walked along the lake with her two closest friends, who had been her Earth Angels. They looked at her, and asked her softly, “Now what, Angela?”

A smile of pure love burst from her face, as Angela replied, “Now I shall be with you for a while, and then … I shall return to Earth. That is now my home too. The home where I grew up, and earned my Angels’ Wings. Yes, I shall return.”

(Inspired by a parable of Kryon)

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