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I, The Healer

Are you like John, John the healer? John was very proficient as a healer, but he was frequently saddened because there were times when his healing did not work. John worked hard to remain in balance, and to cleanse his mind, heart, and body of any energies that came in the way of his healing. This resulted in John’s energies becoming more refined. But he was distressed to find that, as his vibrations increased, his healings seemed to become less effective.

John was more than just a little confused, because he reasoned (quite justifiably so, you might say) that with new and uplifting energies filling him, the healings should, in fact, become more effective. John was not happy, and each time the condition of a patient deteriorated, John became more anxious and worried.

Each day he would sit in deep meditation because he knew of the power of communion with God. One day, as he sat sharing his anxiety with God, and asking for an answer, an explanation, anything that would help him to understand what was going on, the angels came to him. “Hello John,” they whispered. But John did not hear them. He was far too engrossed thinking of the problems he was facing. The next day the angels came again. “Hello John,” they whispered. But John did not hear them because he was far too busy creating the right environment for his meditation, placing the crystals, incense sticks and candles in just the right places. The third day, again, the angels came to John as he was praying. “Hello John,” they whispered, but John did not hear them. He was too busy naming all those patients for whom he sought God’s help.

The angels did not give up on John. Each day they visited him, and each day they said, “We love you. You are powerful.” And each day John did not hear. His problems spoke far louder than the angels.

One day, John’s sister fell ill. Seriously ill. John was distraught. For him, his sister was the dearest person in all the world. She wholly and completely believed in John, and his healing energy. But this time, John was unable to make a breakthrough. One night, as he sat for his personal communion with God, he implored, “What are you doing? What is happening? Am I losing my healing power? And if I am, why is it so?” Instantly John heard, “Hello John, how are you?”

John was incredulous. “Who are you?”

“We are your angels, John.”

“Why are you here?”

“Because you’ve been praying for help, John.”

“But I have been praying for months. Why today?”

“Beloved John, we are always with you. We have called out to you every day. Today, you heard us.”

“I am sorry. Please help me. Why are my healings failing?”

“We shall help you, John. But tell us, what is it that you most wish from us today?”

“I wish to fulfil my soul contract. I wish to serve. I wish to heal - heal myself and heal others.”

The angels were delighted when they heard John say, “I wish to fulfil my soul contract. I wish to serve.”

A short while later when John’s meditation had come to an end, and he opened his eyes, besides the deep sense of peace that he always felt after his meditations, he felt rejuvenated, reenergised. He felt different. There was a deep certainty in his heart - my healings shall now serve others.

And sure enough, John’s healings became more powerful, and his patients soon began to respond again. His sister was soon on her way to complete recovery. One day, when he had completed a healing session upon his sister, John looked at her lovingly, and said, “I was so worried about you. I thought I was going to lose you.” As soon as he had said these words, John experienced a strong flash of intuitive knowing. For the first time he realised that his anxiety, his doubts, his need to be a successful healer, had been the obstacles. He had stood in his way. He now saw that no one can heal another. That the only true healing is self healing. That when we move beyond anxieties, personal needs and motives, and keep ourselves open to only one purpose, that of fulfilling the soul contract to serve another, we allow ourselves to be pure conduits for the love of the Universe to flow and strengthen another, so that this strength is used by them to heal themselves. To fulfil the soul contract all that is needed is the pure desire to serve. In any capacity.

As he stood within the light of this consciousness, he heard, ‘Hello John, how are you?”

Quietly he left his sister’s room, and without going through any long rituals to prepare for his meditation, John closed his eyes, and replied, “Hello.”

(Inspired by a parable of Kryon)

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