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Death Cannot Steal the Light Within

Aaron was a very wealthy man, and an exemplary human being. He seemed to be particularly adept in multiplying his money, and used it to bring enjoyment to himself, and for the welfare of others.

On his 50th birthday Aaron stood before a mirror, and didn’t like what he saw. At the corners of his eyes were tiny little wrinkles, the corners of his mouth were slightly turned down with age, where once there was muscle, now was loose flesh. The tautness of youth had been replaced by the sagging of age. He looked at his hair closely, and saw a few more grey hairs than he had noticed a few months ago. He looked down at his hands, and wondered when they had become so wrinkled.

At his birthday party Aaron studied his friends, and saw that age had come to them all. Some of them had sicknesses, which were considered ‘a part of aging’. He was rather quiet at the party as he remembered the friends who were already dead. It was a very dispirited Aaron who went to bed that night. He was unable to sleep. He kept thinking, “What is the purpose of life if we are going to get this old, and this ugly?” As the first gentle rays of the sun appeared in the dark sky, Aaron suddenly sat up in bed. He had the answer! “I have all this wealth, and I enjoy using it for the betterment of others. What better way can I find than using my wealth to search for the fountain of youth? If I can find that, what a great service it would be for the world. No one would ever need to get old, look at themselves in the mirror and see the wrinkles.” By the end of the day, he had made a decision. His son would take over the reins of the business, and he would devote the rest of his life to finding the fountain of youth.

He spoke to scientists, and he spoke to spiritualists. He went to schools of philosophy, and he visited renowned gurus. Someone told him to visit a famous Shaman, and he traveled thousands of miles very eagerly. But when he reached there, he was told that the wise Shaman did not meet anyone, unless he was sure that the person was ready to hear what he had to say. He was advised to spend some time in solitude, pondering over what he wished to learn from the Shaman, till the Shaman asked to see him. A week went by, and Aaron felt a deep peace as he spent his time with the birds and animals who seemed to be drawn to him. One morning he was told that the Shaman had asked for him.

Silently, the Shaman gestured to him to ask him what he desired. “Please wise one, tell me where I can find the fountain of youth. I am willing to spend anything to get it.” The Shaman looked at him deeply, and asked, “Where do you think it is?” “I don’t know,’ replied Aaron, “but I am willing to search.” A gentle smile crossed the face of the shaman. “There is no fountain of youth; that is only a story. What is real and tangible, though, is something that very few persons know about. It is The Globe of Divine Essence, and I believe you could find it. I can see that in your face.” Aaron felt happy that the Shaman considered him to be worthy of a mission that could benefit the world. He asked, “Where is it?” “That is an answer only you can find,” replied the Shaman, “but I can tell you that you shall not find it where the energies are low, and dark, and dense.”

Aaron asked a lot of people about the sacred places of the world, and he learnt of places where the energies are very high. He went to Sedona, but was sad to be told that the Globe of Divine Essence did not lie there. He visited Peru, spent a lot of time in Brazil, had deep conversations with learned men in Egypt, visited many ashrams in India, and wherever he went, he spent all his time with seers and sages, priests and wise men, but none could help him. Some had not even heard of it. Those who had, didn’t know where to look. And a few told him that they, themselves, were the Globe of Divine Essence. Aaron was quite disheartened.

Years passed, and Aaron turned 60. The anxiety, and the sadness of not finding the Globe of Divine Essence, made him very sick, but he did not give up. One day he said to himself, “I am going to my homeland. It has been called the promised land. I know I shall find it there.” The next day he set off for Israel. But, alas! That was also a trip in vain. Aaron was angry with the Shaman who had told him that he could find it. He said, “Was it all a hoax? Is he a fraud?” But something in his heart told him otherwise. Finally, Aaron’s sickness forced him to give up his search, and he returned home, a very sick, and a very, very sad man.

A few weeks later, Aaron woke up feeling strangely well and strong. He sprang out of his sickbed, and looked around, amazed that he was surrounded by Archangels and Ascended Masters. Their light was so strong, and he felt so well, that it did not take long for Aaron to realise that he had died. He looked at them, and said “This is not fair. The Shaman told me that I would find the Globe of Divine Essence, but I have not found it. And now I am dead.’

The angels smiled, and asked him to look down at his body. Aaron gasped. Right there, where his body lay, was the Globe of Divine Essence - a bright, shining crystal ball that lay in his heart. “All this time it has been with me?” As he continued to look, he could see his children, and family, gather around the body, weeping. But what took him by surprise was that each one of them carried the Globe of Divine Essence in their heart. Yes, those few sages had been right. They were the Globe of Divine Essence. He was the Globe of Divine Essence. It is real. It is tangible. As real and tangible as the Divinity that runs through every human form. To search for it outside shall be futile. You can find it in others, only when you can first find it in yourself. Aaron had died before he had found the answer; he was happy to know the answer now, but he knew that the true joy lay in finding it while alive.

Aaron looked down at the empty shell that lay there. In delight he saw that the Globe of Divine Essence still burned bright. Softly the Archangel said, “Death cannot steal the Light Within.” Aaron went to his heavenly home with the angels, not saddened any more. He was keen to start on another earthly journey. He was keen to return to share the wisdom of the Globe of Divine Essence. His money had helped him to go to all the places where it did not exist. The next time he would not need money to help others find their Essence. That would be his greatest service. And his supreme reward.

(Inspired by a parable of Kryon. A tribute to my beloved mother who went with the angels on 18.08.2018. She found her Globe of Divine Essence in Life, she shared her Light with all, and it burns brighter than ever Now.)

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