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FACELESS – A Tribute to all the Strong Women Out There

When you see me with your eyes, you don’t see me at all

You see sullenness and harshness, anger, and bitterness -

When you look at me, you don’t look at my face at all

You look at your newspaper, your TV, your anything, but me -

I seem to be faceless

If you would look at me through my eyes

You would see hurt and pain, loneliness and fear -

If you would look at me with my eyes, you would see ME in my truth

Tired of being strong, needing another set of shoulders to share the load -

I am not faceless

The tasks I do, often taken for granted -

See my face, and you shall know the one behind the tasks

The voiceless duties thrust upon me -

The tired spirit not recognised at all

Feeling spent and faceless

Look at my face and recognise me

Look at my face and acknowledge my role

Look deeply into the chores and tasks and duties

And see me – I am not faceless.

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