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A Channelled Message from Divine Mother

This morning, I read something about the escalating violence, and asked LIGHT to give me greater clarity, and how I can serve. This came as the answer.

Dear Beloved, you all have lived through a very difficult 'night'. The first battle is done, but the ‘war’ is long from

being declared victorious. You ask why this ‘attack’...we can only answer ---“unfinished business”. Your insistence to label, judge and condemn others, to term their needs as ‘demands’ has resulted in the fires of resentment; resentment against not being heard, understood, acknowledged, or recognised as human beings with human needs.

The words that follow carry with them bare-faced truth, but Love finds power from its purity to reveal a hard-hitting reality, so that Life is what it is meant to be......Bliss.

Human world judges everything, even the needs of people and their pains. Those that do not fit into the comfortable boundaries of your conditioned minds are considered not worthy of compassion. How many years would you be able to go on passively if your needs were constantly crushed, if your voice considered unworthy of being heard? You may judge our words; the truth is that wherever we turn, our vision sees only pain. On one side, the pain of loss and death; on the other, the pain of condemnation, of being unheard. Pain unacknowledged turns into ugliness.

How tragic a reflection is this of a world where consideration of another’s pain comes not naturally, where empathy and compassion are carefully doled out to the ‘deserving’, where words are used without considering the terrible judgments against the godselves of those you condemn?

What is this ‘unfinished business’ that we refer to? The business of considering all as worthy of respect, of being treated with as much compassion as any other human being caught in the grip of inner pain. A twisted mind, you say? Yes, a mind twisted by consistent and unending rejection, a heart embittered by the harshness of scorn and derision that has been experienced for so long that the mind has forgotten all experience of love, acceptance and approval. Would you be able to live in this kind of mental and emotional void, and come out of it unscarred?

You have a saying ‘What goes around comes around’. Your rejection of the divinity of ALL human beings (honesty must make you admit that you consider only some as divine) comes around as the frightening face of those that reject all of human society, except those who seem to understand and hear the silent pleas.

Your world has waited for a saviour.... We tell you that the saviour is here already. YOU ARE THE SAVIOUR. Be not small in your rescue; rather embrace all in your deliverance. A saviour does not react from the discriminating conditioning of the mind, but responds from the all- embracing acceptance of the heart. A saviour sees none as perpetrator and none as victim, but all as souls seeking the gentleness of redemption. A saviour knows that even one lost soul results in a multiplied weakening of collective Divine Power. In your three-dimensional pattern of thought, you measure everything - those violations that you and your ilk commit are ‘acceptable’, those that fall beyond your set standards are condemned. The Universe views all violations with an even gaze, nothing being considered less or more. You are constantly enfolded in the Higher Heart of Love. The love you are embraced with, must be radiated without discrimination, the respect you enjoy must be shown to all, irrespective of their beliefs, the compassion that you are gifted with, must be directed to all, for in the human world all are in pain, and all reactions come only from pain. Hatred is not an emotion; it is a reactionary force unleashed by pain that can be contained no longer.

So, beloved, what will you do now? PRAY....include in your prayers those souls who are with us ..... pray for their quick acceptance of the Light and understanding of their death, so that their onward journey is smooth and effortless; pray for the suffering families who are already engulfed by our Divine Strength; pray for those who are in their inner pain, and turn towards the tempting voice of violence.......pray that they find the love and acknowledgement they yearn for.

Wake up to Cosmic Learning. To the extent that you judge, you shall be judged; to the extent that you condemn, you will be condemned; to the extent that you reject, you shall be rejected; to the extent that you labour under lack of self-acknowledgement, you shall refuse to acknowledge others, thus perpetuating separation and suffering. But, the more that you accept, embrace, and empower, the more glorious shall be your journey in the coming year. The Earth is your family, the world is your home. Only YOU can bring all back into the fold of this family. Spare NO efforts in this. Make the coming year count.

The Sacred Grids of your planet start from the heart of your home. Let this heart pulsate with the strength of togetherness, understanding, and freedom for all. Your every angry word is carried through this grid to the energy structures of all on Earth, just as the Light of your Love removes a small bit of darkness from the hearts of the entire Earth family. Those whom you gossip about and back-bite about, get blessings from you; you, in turn, take on a part of their karmic load in exchange for your sniggers and taunts. The one whom you demean, stands taller than you. When you can treat friends and family members in this manner, how much more is your unconscious rejection of all others? And how little your own acknowledgment of self?

Peace is not attained by politicians, police personnel, and woman and men of the military. Peace is the divine responsibility of each one on this earth. How have you treated others? How cruelly have you run them down, spoken ill of them, turned people against them? How much have you judged? How little have you understood and accepted?

Those with guns blame others for their lacks and misfortunes; don’t you do the same? Those with grenades are lashing out in rage that has blinded them? Can you see your own? Those with the blood of many on their hands justify their cause from the darkness of their delusions? Are you aware of your own?

Bravery is the need of the hour. Bravery to address these times with resolution and inner integrity. Blame is the game of one who will b-lame. Be brave, dear beloveds. Now is the time. The longer it takes all to become aware of the awakening, the greater, and longer, and stronger must be the Universe shaking and stirring.

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