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Energies and Importance of the Full June 2020

For the month to come, till the next full moon, set yourself a goal, a mission. This is the time to exercise in totality the power of free will that your soul gives you . Yes the main blueprint of this current phase in your journey is set by the soul energies, but spirit energies are honoured by the free will that it has been bestowed with, empowered with. Never underestimate the transformative powers of the free will. The blueprint is not set in stone and concrete. There are very few 'unchangeables' in your soul blueprint. The 'unchangeables' are your cosmic ray structure, the ultimate soul mission set for soul by your highest of high energies, and the life purpose set by soul for spirit in this current phase. Besides these, all other aspects are layered with potential choices. These choices are determined by free will, and each choice unveils a specific and new layer of opportunity and potential. You can akin these layers to different routes that spirit can take to reach its life purpose. A life purpose is the metaphorical scheduled stop that you make at the end of each leg of the journey. That life purpose must be reached before you proceed on to the next leg. But how you proceed towards the life purpose, who you choose to share that leg of the journey with, what luggage you choose to carry with you, how many stops you wish to make along the way, all this and more is the free will of spirit, even though soul remains the 'overseer'. 

This full moon urges you to exercise that right. And choosing the goal and purpose of this coming month is an extremely vital part of this free will. E.g. one might choose to devote self to clearing up the clutter from the home, another might choose to devote this month to helping others in all ways possible, a third might choose to devote the time to self-awareness and learning. What you choose is important for you, and you shall understand its importance by and by.

Do not overthink this decision. Instead sit in silence, and allow Spirit to set its goal. The limited human intelligence has no ability to break out of its 'taught' ways, and therefore cannot think differently, uniquely. This is the current purpose set for Spirit, by Spirit. If you find yourself struggling with the question 'what goal should I choose', then you are not using the power of Spirit. Do not ask another to make this decision for you, because it shall not be the choice of Your Spirit.

If you allow this Spirit Purpose to come forth, without questioning its importance, or permitting ego to analyse the purpose, and if you devote yourself diligently to that purpose for the next 28 days, the potent energies of this Full Moon shall open doors that shall not only be uplifting, but shall also take you in the direction that you now must travel. These doors shall expand your horizons, and break through the walls of bitterness, resentment and non-forgiveness. You shall see that you are not only blaming those you believe have wronged you, but that you are also rejecting all others who are associated with them. 

A diligent pursuit of the Spirit Purpose shall help you to understand how and why you created these situations in your life, for your growth, and that these persons whom you condemn are your strongest allies on this leg of

your journey. Discard arrogance (even spiritual arrogance), discard aggrandisement, discard your focus upon differences and blame, and devote yourself only to your chosen purpose of this month. Of course, you shall continue with all your other chores and duties and tasks. The purpose is not exclusive of your daily life. The purpose shall weave itself into every breath that you take this month. 

Radiance and Expansion to You.

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Very powerful message. Can't thank you enough. Always in Gratitude

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