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It's Time to Think of Another --- EllaeenahJF

I wear my mask

My gloves are on

The distance I maintain

E'en though I stand alone

And then I see you

No glove no mask, 

Walking in a group

Hand on shoulder. Why not? you ask. 

How could you know

That due to you

My old mother might fall prey

To the deadly virus

From whom we're trying to stay away?

How could you know

That my infant needs me

To keep him strong and joyfully healthy?

How could you know......

You little care ---

Why should you be careful

When you've no reason yet to despair?

When will the mask be worn?

When you've silently killed a few?

When will the glove come on?

When someone dear to you lies in the ICU?

In your arrogance you think you're invincible,

In your selfishness I cease to exist,

You scoff at those who care enough

Sniggering that you are oh, so tough.

When you break the laws, and saunter free

Do you think of the doctor who died for thee?

Does the face of the nurse come before your eyes

Who has not been home, not seen her children smile?

The virus might have the name COVID

But the true virus is YOU! You are the culprit.

You care not for the efforts made

To fight this silent foe,

Do you still think this is a holiday 

For you and your friends in tow?

When will the smirk leave your face?

When shall the 'care not a damn' turn to human grace?

Will your loved ones have to pay a price too high

For you to realise that 'responsibility is mine'?

You demand so much from government and police

But life's a two way street my friend,

There is only that much they can do for you and me

The rest is in our hands, as it has always been. 

Wake up from your slumber, and look around

Each one of us has to do our part,

Or we shall all go down.

There shall be no one then to hear your prayers

As you don't care now, no one shall care then. 

Stay at home, it's not that difficult,

Maintain the distance in which health can flow

Wear the mask and wear the glove

Earn your right to the life you love. 

Stop seeking excuses to leave your home

This is precious time for you to grow

Leave your patterns of selfishness

And together we shall defeat the true virus. 


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