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Nature - A Mighty Force (Understanding the corona virus)


Dearest Friends, many have asked me to write a blog about the corona virus that has become the only topic of all conversation in the past so many weeks. I have kept silent on this topic, sharing the channelled information with a band of dedicated Earth Servers whom I have been guided to bring together. But, the requests and demands from so many, have urged me to pen this blog, so that what I have shared with the band, I might now share with you. If you wish, you could share this with others. Yes, this is a longish blog, but I urge you to read through it, slowly and completely, assimilating every significant point that has been raised.

The c virus is doing much more than making 1000's sick. It is revealing how scared the human race really is. How strong a need, we, as a race, have to exercise and experience control. How quick we are to cut off anyone who puts up even a small threat to us. Each day the situation seems to be spiralling into a typhoon. More than the virus, the true contagion here is the fear factor.

The underlay of any conflict situation is the removal of the zone of safety within which you are comfortable with what you know, and how you function. As soon as the psyche experiences being pushed out of the zone of safety, it begins to tremble, due to the impossibility of controlling that which is unknown. Human beings root themselves in what they know, in the safety of what has been tried and tested. This brings with it a superficial sense of having control over one's environment. Conditioned thought patterns and responses are very much a part of this safety net. The problem lies in the fact that, all too often, the conditioned understanding is limited and blinkered, and when the Universe presents to you (as it has done now) the opportunity to remove the blinkers, and view the full truth, the human being, instead of experiencing the largeness of its spirit, is overwhelmed by the ‘bigness’ that is demanded of it.

Let us proceed with uncovering the word 'conflict'. Yes, often the outward expression of conflict can be war and disunity and bloodshed and violence. Yes, it can be that, but it does not have to be. Understand, dearest reader, that outward expressions are dependent upon the human will, and how it chooses to act. They often have little resonance with the ‘truth’ of a divine concept. And conflict is certainly a divine concept.

Many, many times during world shifts, there are strong collisions of the past (the known ways of the world) and the future (the direction towards which collective higher consciousness moves). The present results in a conflict that is a fallout of this collision. It brings upheaval, it brings a recognition of limitations, it makes you face the barriers you have erected in order to remain in the zone of safety, it removes the tried and tested, and it brings in change. Before the future path can be firmly set into place, the past road has to be scooped out. This results in ‘chaos’.

Chaos is the breaking up of an existent energetic structure for the purpose of allowing a new, and more expanded, structure to take form. You know already that Energy does not die, it transforms. Chaos is what comes out of the collision between past and future. It is the unavoidable transition phase. It brings the much needed conflict of energy, as a new and higher energy strives to take into itself the old energy, and change its old structure.

Do you know that that is exactly what your body does during digestion? It takes in nutrition in the form of solid food, and then breaks down of the structure of the food so that the old energy and structure is entirely absorbed by the body as a new structure, in alignment with the required functioning. Because this process is so intrinsic to our human existence, you have never termed it as ‘conflict’. But that is exactly what it is! During this process of digestion, there are certain energies that cannot be transformed into a productive functioning energy, and these are transformed into another structure that the body eliminates. Sometimes this process is forceful, but you are not frightened by it because you do not term it as ‘conflict’. But it is conflict!

This explanation of conflict given to me by Cosmic Overlord JadeFire is coming true before our eyes. In these times of chaos, we are urged to use the powerful goddess energy that lies within each one of us. Use this force to empower yourself, and to strengthen those who are overcome by fright, whose fears seem to have made them lose appropriate perspective. Let us embrace them deep into our solar plexus, the seat of our power, and share our power with them.

I have been ‘seeing’ the corona virus for weeks now as spreading a brilliant light, the light actually expanding every day. When I first envisioned this, I too couldn't understand the connection between a virus and brilliant light. But I get it now. I so get it now! The virus is akin to the huge earth breaking machines we see. It smashes into the earth, digs out huge deep clods of the old road, and throws them aside. Why? To make way for another path. A newer path that shall support the current needs of the collective

.When the machine digs out the earth, it also brings to the top all the rubbish lying below, and it throws this aside as well, clearing the earth so that the path is free of rubbish. This is what the virus is doing. I hope you understand as well as I do why it is not something to be feared, and why my vision shows me that it is, in fact, spreading light. The virus does not need our focus. The human race does. Envision a strong never-ending human chain, holding hands, standing straight and unmoved, backs upright, as the earth is cleared out. ONE in this time of deep-seated change.

Yes, this is going to bring changes in our lives, in the lives of our children, and we might be tempted to see things, and judge the situation, from only our personal perspective. But let us not lose sight of what is truly essential Here and Now. Let us rise up, and keep aside our personal problems. The small “i”, a symbol of separation and selfishness, has to give way to the big “I”, the symbol of the Power of Togetherness.

You can do this!!! I know you can! Do not be weakened by the reactions of others, do not be swayed by the reactions of others, do not react to the reactions of others. Stay constant in your goddess-hood.

As I've already suggested above, let's hold the human race within our solar plexus chakra. But also know that the collective root chakra has been shaken to its very core, and has moved out of position. This is making people more vulnerable to anxiety as their instinct for survival is being triggered strongly due to this imbalance. When we hold the human race in the solar plexus chakra, we blaze it with our brilliant light of the soul. Chant ‘power beacon’ as you do this. When we hold the human race in our root chakra, let us anchor the collective root chakra with large strong cords of light that tie themselves around a large prism deep in the belly of the earth. Continue to chant ‘power beacon’ as you do this. End by seeing an infinite human chain, each person straight and tall, hands clasped with each other, standing on the new path looking towards the rainbow bridge of evolution. Do this for a few minutes everyday. And don’t stop when the virus dies down. Continue with this, because the virus is only the beginning of the change.

Yes, of course, we are unnerved by what is happening around us. Don't judge or chide yourself for this. You are being asked to serve the universe, yes, but the universe expects you to honour your feelings, too. So don't deny these if they should arise. How am I dealing with this is? As I place the world, earth, humanity, into my solar plexus chakra and root chakra, I also place me, my family, my loved ones, all my friends and acquaintances, all my staff, all my clients, and all the families of all of the above, in a pink and green prism, and place that prism, too, in the two chakras. With my palms on the chakras, I continue to chant ‘power beacon’ and ‘om namah Shivay’. I find this very empowering, and it helps me to shift from being unnerved to being balanced.

I'm also experiencing the need to 'not talk' more than I need to. I find that the silence gives me the opportunity to continue the work of ‘serving the earth’ all the time, making me focus more on the service, than on the grim realities. I'm also looking for, and thus finding, more reasons to laugh and chuckle. A while ago I was told by JadeFire to never underestimate the healing and rejuvenating power of laughter. I’ve never forgotten that invaluable learning.

I understand even better, everyday, the full truth of my vision...the virus emitting a golden light that is flooding the earth. It is a highly evolved, gentle but strong force, which is, in fact, our greatest soul caretaker. The virus is the spearhead leading us into evolution. It does not need our love; it does not need our nurturance. It does not need our understanding, but it tells us if you understand me, you shall work with me. It is a master energy, truly benevolent in its eventual result. It is the first wave of the energies that have already been unleashed. If the human race responds positively, there shall be no second wave. The second wave shall not be this gentle - it shall use more force. But, all the waves (however many there are) are as benevolent in their eventual result.

Nature has called forth this virus to help her reclaim what has always been hers. The magnificent gift of Gaia – birds, insects, animals, fishes, dolphins, whales, reptiles, water-bodies, forests, mountains, valleys, deserts, plains, plants and flowers, fruits, vegetables – is ours to enjoy, but it is also the right of every living being to enjoy this gift as well. In as much fullness. When man snatches everything, and decides that it is all his to loot, plunder, exploit, destroy, then Nature has to step in. And She has not stepped in without warning us earlier. Repeatedly. I can remember Cosmic OverLord cautioning us about a grim future, about financial crashes, about food shortages, about water scarcity, about the fall of governments and big businesses and financial institutions, as far as back as 2007! And these messages of ‘change, change, change’ have been repeated over and over again. How many truly heeded these?

The fires and floods, the rapid melting of glaciers, gave us grave warnings, but we, as a human race, chose to ignore these, and continue to indulge in greed, hatred, ego enhancement, falsehoods, control battles, and dark machinations against each other. All thoughts of conservation, and loving and nurturing the earth, have long been replaced by desire for money and power. And those who have objected, and spoken up, and warned about the dire consequences have been, either ignored, or brutally silenced.

What other option did we leave to Nature? Did we not force the hand of the Universe? Will we take notice this time? Will we allow the fishes and dolphins and birds and animals that have returned to their homes, enjoying the absence of man, to flourish, or will we forget the virus as soon as the first wave of change energy dies down? I am sad to see that there still so many who are focussing on the virus as merely a ‘medical crisis’. A very inconvenient one, at that. They haven’t yet understood the message that the virus is spreading.

This is our duty. We have to talk, and talk, and talk, and spread messages, and share blogs like this one to all whom we know, so that somewhere, someone in power will read, and hear, and listen. And initiate change. Let us heed the voice of Nature through this first wave itself, so that we do not, as a human race, invite upon ourselves a second wave, a third wave, a fourth …. Nature can use far more than a virus. Do not underestimate her force. She is as mighty as she is generous, as powerful as she is loving. She gives with all of her heart, and when she takes away, she takes away everything from those who stole her gifts from others.

Don’t look at others. Not the government, not the guy next door, not anyone. Change lies within, and nowhere else! (You might find that this meditation helps you considerably

You are far richer than you think – SHARE! You are far stronger than you believe – LEAD. You are capable of far more compassion than you’ve ever felt – LOVE.

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