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Now Is The Time!

Time to paint

And time to sing

Time to dance

And BE everything

Time to be kind

And time to share

Time to be patient

And time to care 

Time to cook, and bake, and feed

Time to inspire by word and deed

Time for Nature

To reclaim her own

Time for Light

To be enthroned

Beauty abounds all around

E'en as times threaten to bring us down 

Animals return, and birds do soar,

The Earth is cleansed

More than ever before

Why did it take a virus to teach us

The simplest of lessons of the Light within us?

This is no lockdown, and no isolation,

This is Spirit birthing new creation

Embrace the sick, the needy, the weak,

No more in separation lie the answers we seek, 

There's no time now for hatred and blame

No time for selfish demands to be claimed

No time for judgement and violence and gore

No time for to despise and loathe and abhor.

Time to serve

And time to give

Time to learn

How it is to live

As One -

Sharing a world 

Created for ALL

Hope and Faith and Love withal.

Time to rise

And create anew 

The 'god' who lives in me and you. 

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