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The Most Intense Time of the Year ....By EllaeenahJadeFire

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

We are facing intense times. With the Sun in Scorpio and the Moon rising to its fullness in Taurus, also accompanied by the longest lunar eclipse of the year, it's time for each one to show leadership. The sun in Scorpio reveals the underbelly of humanity. You shall see it around you. Sun moved into Scorpio on Nov /16th and already we are seeing the worms crawling out of the woodwork. Of course these worms shall be clear for us to see as events unfold to reveal abuse of power, tyranny, suppression of freedoms, flagrant and violent misuse of the positions held, and so on. But what is even more important to address are the worms crawling out of our woodwork. What lies deep in our underbelly is going to be felt very keenly because we must see the darkness that is within us. The sun urges us to throw light upon these, to become aware how our emotions and beliefs have sway over our ability to soar. Sometimes mirrors have to be used to reveal the underbelly.

Scorpio represents the scorpion and the golden eagle. The Scorpio represents everything that is dark and poisonous in the human being, and the golden eagle is representative

of the highest consciousness that the being can attain in living existence. We, each one of us, individually, must make this choice. If possible make this choice on or before the 20th, but remember your choice shall instantly and intensely affect your life. I repeat instantly and intensely. Don't gloss over your underbelly. Don't deny it. Don't suppress it. Don't play games with yourself. RISE ABOVE IT. You cannot be the eagle if your feet are chained by your beliefs. This is probably the most important time in all of this year. For all on earth.

The Scorpio sign always comes with its inherent potential to sting, to spread venom, to kill and destroy all that is vulnerable to it. To escape the scorpion we have to fly. We have to be the golden eagle. If we fall prey to the venom, we are not going to be able to exercise our leadership of the light, and thus we shall allow the leadership of darkness to spread. To be the eagle all we have to do is SOAR.

The eagle flies closest to the sun because that's where the eagle feels most in its element. It sees the earth, but chooses to soar above it. You and I have the power of choice. But more importantly you and I have been given the power to exercise that choice by the emanations of our light. Our light emanates through our thoughts, beliefs, words, actions and feelings. Our world needs this light, our country needs this light. Focussing on the underbelly without emanating the light is to be inevitably consumed by the venom. Focus upon the underbelly so that you know where exactly you wish to shine your light. The eagle always wins against the scorpion. Always. But if it were to be on the same level as the scorpion it would be stung mercilessly by the scorpion.

The Moon rising in Taurus, and with the lunar eclipse, is so significant a time. Taurus is the sign of the earth. It symbolises all of life on earth...our friendships, our communities, our relationships, our possessions. The moon rising in Taurus with the sun in direct opposition in Scorpio, with the deep dark shadow of the eclipse, it foreshadows things to come if we do not address our own shadows. Events have already begun to take place, and shall continue till Nov 22, and these events are putting a choice before us in every situation. The high road or the low road. The scorpion or the eagle. The light of wisdom or the darkness of ignorance. Abundance or scarcity.

Taurus also rules the world of money, wealth, possessions. Need, greed, avarice. Selflessness, sharing, generosity. It's best to avoid making investments at this time, it's best to be conservative about spending in this time, and if economic and financial losses come to you, if sudden large expenses come, which they are very likely to, bring to mind, Abundance. Not insecurity. Not panic. A quiet certainty that what goes is always filled by a new better energy. People might leave your life, workplaces might seem unstable, friendships might suddenly threaten to collapse, homes and houses and properties shall bring their own unique challenges. There could be relocation, forced or voluntary. Rise above these. Ride above these. Don't make decisions about buying and selling in this time. Whatever property/ies you have, don't judge them as good or bad, just be grateful for them. If possible, visit them, and say Thank You to them. Enjoy what you have. Share what you have. Give to another. Help another experience the joy of financial stability.

This time also brings another we forgive, let go, let be, and move on in the direction of the light, or do we not forgive, and thus create within the us the environment that best helps the venom to spread within?

But the greatest and most meaningful choice is I choose to be a human being or do I choose to be a light being in human form? This is not the choice for humanity. This is the choice for YOU. Be aware that YOUR choice is determining the future course of humanity. Your choice! No one is more important than you in this time. No one's choice is more significant than yours. YOU are the determining factor.


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