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Why Am I Sick?

Each one of us, when we fall ill, look for some external excuse for our dis-ease. There is none. There are no physical reasons in your environment; there is nothing in your environment that can cause you an illness. Now you’re probably thinking ‘perhaps Ellaeenah has never heard of bacteria and virus!’ Of course, these are present. They do not harm you; they serve as a catalyst that your body makes use of to talk to you. It is because you do not talk enough to your physical body, it is because you do not listen enough to your physical body, that your body has to use these unpleasant means. If you need to talk to someone, you are most likely to use your telephone. The telephone is being used, but the telephone is not talking. Similarly, our body uses these as a means of communication when it feels unheard, unheeded. If we do not wish for our bodies to use these external catalysts, then we must listen to it more. Talk to it more. Love it more.

Illness is your body communicating with you in the only language that you often seem to understand, telling you that ‘I am not being looked after, my inside is dirty and needs to be cleansed. Please take care of me, please talk to me. Don’t forget me.’

View your body as the greatest temple that there can be, within which resides the only god in all the Universes. By seeking out numerous external temples, and places of worship, while ignoring the shrine to the inner god, we are bringing much harm upon ourselves. Love this temple, look after it; not obsessively, not for the sake of vanity, but because this temple is honoured by you as a divine abode.

Let us pick up the broom of Universal Wisdom that imparts the deep understanding that only ‘I’ have the power to hurt ‘myself’. Only ‘I’ am responsible for every pleasant and unpleasant experience in ‘my’ life. Without this broom of wisdom, cleansing cannot begin. Take this broom, and sweep away at what angers you, at what hurts you, at what frightens you. With every sweep, repeat---I am the One. After the sweeping, all the grime-energies of the ages that lie stuck like black grime, must be scrubbed away using the soap of Surrender, knowing that you surrender to none but yourself. The soap of surrender is not a defeat by an external enemy; it is not a surrender to a someone you consider superior to you; it is not a surrender to a god that so many believe sits in harsh judgement over them. The surrender is to the ‘godspark’ within. There is no tyrant powerful enough to enchain you. There is no friend false enough to dishonour you. There is no enemy powerful enough to defeat you.

Why do you think you took birth in the Here and Now? You are the result of a divine moment of consciousness choice. It is no accident that you are here, reading this. This has come to you for some further awakening. This offers you the broom of Universal Wisdom and the soap of Surrender to clean away the grime, knowing that every moment of pain was chosen by you, as the soul that you are, with full awareness and consciousness choice. You may ask ‘Why would I be so foolish to choose such difficult moments? Why would I trouble myself by choosing this illness?’ Each answer shall be different, but each answer is also the same. You planned to fall, to falter, to experience defeat and loss, to experience emptiness, to know dis-ease, because you knew/know that through this you would rise, grow, evolve into Light consciousness.

Do not fight this process. Instead say ‘thank you’ to yourself, and allow the love of Divine Energy to fill you, so that never again shall you have to look outside for love and acknowledgment. As you scrub, the grime shall be covered by soft, white, pure foam, ‘I am the One. My will be done.’ Understand the special message that your body is giving you by the particular illness that exhausts you, by the organs and parts of the body that are affected. There is a wealth of information and awareness that is waiting to be absorbed by your consciousness. Understand its deep message; do not deny what it is telling you, do not choose to continue to live on in your denials and delusions. Welcome transformation. Live different. Be different. And your body shall start responding to this awareness, to this transformation, to this deepening of consciousness.

The books and writings of Louise Hays have opened many significant doors of awareness for me. Maybe they shall do the same for you. Or maybe there is another Divine Catalyst who shall do the same for you. Just remain open and willing, and the path shall unfold.

When the temple is finally cleaned, do not be surprised to find tears of joy running down your face, as you come face to joyous face with the GodSpark within. And realise how glorious and beautiful you are.

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